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14 October 2013

No link between National Indicators and government spending plans

Transform Scotland has published its evidence to the Scottish Parliament's transport (ICI) committee on the Scottish Budget 2014-15.

In the response (see download at right), Transform Scotland state:

"[W]e cannot currently identify a linkage between the Scottish Government’s expenditure priorities and the achieving progress on the National Indicators that we have highlighted above. Indeed, we believe that the current administration’s focus for expenditure is counter-productive as regards moving the trends seen in these Indicators in the right direction.

"Furthermore, we are unaware of any changes to Scottish Government spending priorities in order to meet adverse trends in the above Indicators. For example, we would have expected the failure of the Scottish Government to meet its first two annual targets under the Climate Change Scotland (Act) 2009 to lead it to rebalance expenditure in favour of measures that would reduce climate emissions from the transport sector (the second largest source of emissions). However, there is little indication of this in its spending decisions set out in its Draft Budget for 2014-15."

Transform Scotland again recommend a refocusing of Scottish Government transport spending on a number of measures that would both drive growth in sustainable transport and contribute to the Scottish economy:

  • Making road maintenance the focus of the Government’s roads policy would have a greater impact in supporting Scottish companies and public bodies
  • Increased investment in active travel infrastructure would benefit Scottish suppliers
  • Establishing Scotland as a centre of excellence in sustainable technology for public transport.