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Invest in high-quality public transport in our major cities

The Edinburgh trams will provide the sort of public transport quality that will get us close to the best public transport systems across Europe – low emissions, accessible, and sustainable. Once completed, we want to see expansion of Edinburgh's tram network – and for the other Scottish cities to develop their own proposals (whether for metros, tram-trains, trams or trolleybuses).

We need to invest in high quality public transport, either in the form of modern low emission buses operating on battery or hydrogen power, or in modern tram systems. Many European cities are introducing tram systems as a way of greening their cities, and reducing car access in tandem to deliver attractive city centres with enhanced public space that is walking and cycling friendly. Trams are shown to lead to increased business investment in areas served by the routes and motorists are six times more likely to switch to trams than to buses.